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Origin: Southern Illinois

Genre: Eclectic - blues, rock, traditional, original

Years Active: 2012 - Present

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Short description


The Melungeons are a Southern Illinois based band, at their core they are a family band whose live performances makes audiences' feel like family too. 

 Their music ranges from eclectic cover songs, traditional, to original compositions by band members.

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'Rolling the Dice' - Original words and music by Thomas Thompson and Mark Donham. performed by Melungeons at Sunday Practice.

'Gallway Girl'  by Steve Earle
Melungeons live at Barbq on River 2018

Heaven Knows - Sister Wind
Melungeons at Paducah Beer Works - live 2017

M's at practice. Dichotomy - original song
written by Thomas Thompson
Can't Judge a Book by Looking at it's Cover - by Bo Diddley
M's at Eclipse Day Party -
featuring Cary Donham on Keyboard.
Seminole Wind  by John Anderson (1992 CMA song of the year) sung by Granddaddy Melungeon.
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