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These are just some of the Melungeon's recordings that range from practice sessions, to live performance, to studio...all are part of the Melungeons extensive play list of eclectic music
that ranges from original songs, traditional, popular, and even obscure. 

   Miss You - Mark Donham & Tom Thompson

  live at Barbecue on the River - Paducah, ky

Look Here Man - co-written, music and lyrics by

Mark Donham and Thomas Thompson

"Love Interruption" - by Jack White

Love Interuption - Melungeons -studio recording
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"All of music is about passion, ideas, and is the soundwave of the soul."

    'Rolling the Dice '  music and lyrics

Thomas Thompson and Mark Donham

"Ain't Gonna Play" - Mark Donham - words and music

live at private party

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    'Heaven Knows'   by Sister Wind

live at Paducah Beer Works

rock and roll - melungeons - live
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I Want to Sing That Rock and Roll  
    by Gillian Welch
Tear it Down - Melungeons
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Tear it Down - Old Crow Medicine Show
Devil Woman - Melungeons
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Devil Woman - by Cliff Richard