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"They're all wired

                                              - a fan

 The Melungeons play regularly in the Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky Region.


At Barbecue on the River  2018- Paducah, KY

Band Members:

Tom Thompson

Rhonda James

Will Lambert

Sam Lucas

Mark Donham

Miles Simmons

Dillon Carver

Erik Eicholtz


Cary Donham

Tom Summers

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 Sweetwater Saloon - Golconda, IL

"Holy S*#T "

  - a fan

"Love Interruption" - written by Jack White

 at Dry Ground Brewery 

Paducah, KY

  "I'm Never Alone" (at Sunday Practice)

lyrics Rhonda James

  music - Thomas Thompson and Mark Donham

Embers Lounge KY lakes 2018

"Book by its Cover"


Calvert City

Summer Park Series 

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